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As you know, cylinders are a vital part of any plumbing and heating set up and you’ll be pleased to know that we stock an extensive range.

Not only do we stock an enviable range, we make sure that the prices of our cylinders are very competitive; making your job as profitable as possible while still ensuring your customers have excellent quality products.

Hot water cylinder prices can be astronomical if you haven’t gone with the right supplier, make sure you stay in pocket by buying yours from J & Bs.

So, what cylinder brands do we stock?

If you’re going to be fitting products like vented or unvented hot water cylinders then you need to make sure you trust the brand you are using as that makes all the difference with regards to the final results.

Brands of cylinder we stock:

  • Stealflow
  • Joule
  • Gleghill
  • RM
  • Megaflow
  • Ariston
  • How do I order my cylinders?

    Simply call us and we’ll process your order for you. Alternatively, you can drop in and see us. We’ll send out your order on the day you order it if we have it in stock.

    Delivery information

    We know how important time is when you’ve got a job to do; this is why we always send your order out on the day you make it.

    We also offer free local delivery just to make things that little bit easier.